Crazy big dreams

Do crazy big dreams scare or excite you?

Do you allow yourself to dream crazy big dreams? It can be a scary thing to do. We tend to prefer knowing the how, when and why about most things in life before we move forward. But sometimes being a creative person, your mind tends to jump from one idea to the next in a split second. I’ve often described my mind as being like a computer with 1,231 tabs open all.the.time. There are always plenty of ideas floating around in my head and heart. Finding ways to harness and execute them is often the challenge.

Dreaming big began as the new year clicked around. I enrolled in a six-week online Creatively Made Business class with Jeanne Oliver from Castle Rock, Colorado to learn how to walk out my big dreams and everything has progressed from there.

Decorative painting has been my focus for over 20 years and I thoroughly enjoy being a partner with homeowners to help them refresh their homes. In 2019 I took on a second similar business, selling the paint and plaster products faux finishers use to do their work. It’s been rewarding getting to know other painters around the country and helping them get what they need for projects. Combining both of these endeavors with the Creatively Made Business class has opened up a whole new world of dreams and possibilities! There are plans in the works for online decorative painting classes, creative art lessons, free tips and tricks videos, creating beautiful homes and collaborations with fellow creatives.

To keep you up to date with all of the new adventures, I’ll be blogging regularly. Facebook and Instagram are quick, easy ways to share projects and snippets of life, but there’s not much conversation or telling the story of the heart. I’m dreaming of connecting in fuller, soulful ways.

Each one of us is creative in our own way. Whether you enjoy baking, gardening, sewing, sculpting, fashion, painting, decorating, home making or entertaining, you are using creative skills to add beauty in your life. Won’t you join me in dreaming crazy, big dreams to create the life you wish for?

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